Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.
— Oscar Wilde

JAX is a refreshingly talented four piece band of Haitian-American siblings.  The up and coming musical force, formed in 2013, stimulates and engages audiences with inspirational lyrics and dynamic performances.  JAX has been earning their audiences respect with a level of professionalism not typical of children.

The band has all the ingredients for greatness.  First of all, the 4 kids, Sai, Aman, Sudan and  Ayo are young and were raised in a creative family where putting on shows for guests was the norm.  In 2007, they co-wrote, directed, produced, choreographed performed and toured their own eco-friendly play, Enviro-War. Secondly, they have always been homeschooled. Neither of the 4 kids have never set foot in a school other than to perform.  Instead, they’ve been exposed to amazing teachers and coaches.  Paired with a natural aptitude for learning and a rich cultural environment, JAX grows in fertile ground.  For these children, scheduling, harmonizing and the creative process are all facilitated greatly by the fact that they are siblings.  And to top it all off, their last name is Jackson!

Far from childish, JAX brings maturity to pop with lyrical substance and an original sound reflecting elements of soul, hip-hop, rock and Caribbean influences.  Together, these four youngsters take control of their creative voice, nurturing instrumental and vocal skills while simultaneously establishing themselves as composers and producers.  JAX has had the honor to perform internationally, playing on stages with the biggest Haitian bands including Boukman Eksperyans and Mikaben.  In the US, they have already rocked stages with Tony Toni Tone, Sheila E., Jordan Fisher and Jennifer Hudson.  With such momentum behind them, the world better get ready for JAX, the next generation of family band.